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Global kite coaching camps

the exclusive opportunity to train with Fabio Ingrosso, a six-time world champion and renowned pro coach of world Freestyle champions. Join us for an unparalleled experience of expert guidance, personalized coaching, and top-tier instruction to elevate your kiteboarding skills to new heights. Embark on this journey with Fabio Ingrosso and Fly Leeloo and unleash your full potential in the world of kiteboarding.


Egypt - El Gouna

07-14 / 14-21 April 2024

In cooperation with Makani Beach Club & Kite School and TTC Rihana resort


Italy - Sicily

19-26 May 2024

In cooperation with Duotone Pro-Center Sicily and Oasi Guzzetta hotel


Greece - Lefkada

02-09 / 09-16 June 2024

In cooperation with Wooden Bridge Kite School


Greece - Paros

07-14 / 14-21 July 2024

All styles kitesurfing coaching camp in a perfect conditions

Kite session.jpg

Morocco - Dakhla

18-25/ 25 -01 August 2024

In cooperation with Dakhla Evasion Resort and Kite School


Brazil - Ceara

06-13 / 13-20 October 2024

In cooperation with Line Up and Wind Town Hotel and Kite School


Brazil - Piaui

3-10 / 10-17 November 2024

All styles kitesurfing coaching camp in a perfect conditions

Photo 13.12.22, 16 27 16.jpg

South Africa - Lanbebaan

15-22 December 2024

In cooperation with Wind Town Hotel and Kite School


Venezuela - Los Roques

02-09 / 09-19 March 2025

In cooperation with Movida and Malibu Posadas

Join us at our global kite coaching camps for a week of training, skill improvement, and personal growth. Reserve your spot today for an empowering experience. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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